Roll into the Holidays: Skate (S)quad Gift Guide 2021

Roll into the Holidays: Skate (S)quad Gift Guide 2021

We’re rolling into the 2021 Holiday season with our favorite roller skates! We’ve compiled this season’s must-haves in one short little list, just for you.

Roller Skates

C7 Donna Quad Skates


For the ‘70s Disco Baddies


The disco era is alive and thriving with these glistening holographic roller skates! Making a statement at the roller rink has never been so easy with a beautiful silver boot that picks up pink, blue, purple and yellow tones. Complete with 52mm wheels and a removable toe stopper.

C7 Peachy Keen Quad Skates


For the Prima Ballerina


Pretty in peach! We’ve been obsessing over this beautiful light peachy pink shade since C7skates was born. Classic roller skates are perfect all year round, summer, spring, winter and everything in between. This setup includes 52mm wheels and a removable toe stopper. Sure to be an easy A on gift-giving!

C7 Duchess Quad Skates


For the Scene Queen


Duh, it’s chess! Absolutely, the perfect statement piece gift for chess lovers or the bold. Any “The Queen’s Gambit” fans out there? If so, snag these limited edition skates before they’re gone. The stark juxtaposition of the black and white checkered boot is something totally new for C7skates.

C7 Femme Fatale Quad Skates


For Classic Beauties


Who can go wrong with a classic black boot? Completely sleek and stunning, the Femme Fatale Quads are one of our top sellers all year round for their premium construction and beloved dark vibe. Bonus, you get all the perks of 62mm wheels and an adjustable toe stop! Universally a top selection.

C7 Cherrypop Quad Skates


For a lil' POP!


We’re all about a bit of POP of color! This season we’re completely head over heels in love with the Cherrypop Quads. A festive addition to the Dark Magic collection, this dark red hue is perfect for the holiday season and can transition into all-year-round fun. Complete with 62mm wheels and adjustable toe stoppers. Who doesn’t feel their best selves with a bit of red in their shoes, a super close alternative to red bottoms (lolz)?


Roll into the Holidays: Skate (S)quad Gift Guide Stuffer

Skate Stuffers

C7 Holographic Eye Roll Sticker

Stickers for Sassy Skaters

Not Just My Eyes Roll Sticker


By far, this is a favorite for the sassy little skaters out there! The sticker is available in a master and holographic finish in a 3x3-inch size. Stick them on laptops, water bottles or anything really since the high-quality paper will not go anywhere.

C7 Dalgona Sticker

Stickers for Squid Game Fans

Dalgona Sticker


No time crunch or panic is necessary here. If you have roller skate friends super into Squid Game, I mean, who isn’t at this point? You’ve got yourself the PERFECT gift. Something small but super cute and totally on-trend with the mega Netflix big show. Available as a 3x3-inch die-cut print.

C7 Cherrypop Roller Skate Wheels

Add a POP of Color

Cherrypop Roller Skate Wheels


Again, here we go with a lil POP of color. These wheels are not just pretty; they can also upgrade your 52mm wheels to better suit the outdoors. A Skate (S)quad must have at this point!

C7 Farrah Removable Stopper

It’s all about marble!

Farrah Removable Stopper


We love marble! These stoppers are initially seen in the Farrah Holographic Quad Roller Skates but they’re an excellent add-on to any removable stopper skates. Black, white and a little gold never hurt any color combo! And, they’re super easy to twist on and off: just grab a screwdriver!

Compatible with Forget Me Not, Icon & Rare Gem Skates.

C7 Queen Bee Adjustable Stopper

Sunshine Rays on your Skates!

Queen Bee Adjustable Stopper


Yellow is our thing, so why not add some yellow to your Dark Magic Skates? Mix and match with any adjustable stopper c7skates and you’ve got yourself a perfectly customized pair—the perfect stuffer for your Skate (S)quad besties.

Compatible with all Dark Magic Skates.