RS 101: Unlocking Speed: Why Aren't My Skate Wheels Zooming?

Feeling like your skate wheels are dragging instead of flying? Don't worry, we've got the scoop! It's time to dive into the world of bearings, those shiny little marvels that hold the key to unlocking ultimate speed and smoothness in your skating adventure.

So, you've noticed your wheels aren't spinning as fast as you'd like? Hold on tight because we're about to reveal the real culprit—your bearings! These miniature powerhouses are the secret behind the spinning magic.


Let's get to the bottom of this wheel-spinning mystery and rev up your skating experience!

  1. Wheel Tightness: Set Your Wheels Free!
    First, let's ensure your wheels have the freedom to spin. Grab your trusty skate tool (our favorite is the 10mm Y-Tool with Screw Driver Roller Skate Tool) and check the tightness of your wheels. Loosen them until they can wiggle side to side but stay firmly in place. No more clacking noises or wheels stuck in place. It's all about finding that sweet spot for your skate axle—wiggle without the slide!
  2. The Wonderful World of Bearings:
    Bearings play a crucial role in your skating performance. They operate on an ABEC system, which determines their quality and speed capabilities. While this scale is typically used for industrial machinery, it gives us a general idea of what to expect from our skate bearings. The better the bearings, the smoother and faster your roll will be. It's time to embrace the power of high-quality bearings!
  3. Cleanliness and Lubrication:
    Dirty or rusty bearings can put a damper on your skate experience. That's where the Bones Bearing Tool comes to the rescue! Pop those bearings out of your wheels and give them a thorough cleaning. Once they're squeaky clean, it's time to give them a little love. Add a touch of your preferred lube to keep those bearings gliding like a dream. Get ready to feel the need for speed!

Bearings are graded on the ABEC system, which is typically used for large bearings in industrial machinery. However, we can simplify it to gauge the overall quality and speed potential of our skate bearings.

ABEC 1-3


When it is in new condition, usually these barely roll or turn

ABEC 3-5


It works, but it may not last forever

ABEC 5-9

Industry Standard

This rolls well and lasts a considerable amount of time



Made in Switzerland with special materials and technology. They last for a long time but are pricey



It works like a wonder but it is delicate and pricey



So, don't let sluggish wheels hold you back. Give your bearings the attention they deserve, and you'll be racing through the streets in no time. Happy skating, and remember always to skate safely!