RS 101: Taking Care of your roller skate(s)

First things first, let’s give those skates a personal touch by adjusting their hardware. It’s time to dial them into our preferences and unlock their full skating potential!


Introducing the superhero of skate tools: The Standard Roller Skate Y-Tool with Rethreader and the 10mm Y-Tool with Screw Driver Roller Skate Tool. With its mighty sockets, you can effortlessly tweak and remove wheels or trucks. And don’t forget the trusty wrench for toe-stop adjustments. It’s like having a magical toolkit for skate customization!

Now, it’s a spa day for your bearings! Cleanse them with care, but only if they’ve been skating with you for 6 months to a year (depending on how much you’ve glided together). After removing the bearings, use acetone to remove the impurities, and finish off with a lube for that extra dose of bearing luxury. Your bearings will feel like they are zooming on clouds!

It is also time to make those skates sparkle! Whip out a magic eraser to give them a fresh and clean look. And if you want to lock in that vibrant suede color, unleash the power of Scotch Guard! Also, it’ll be handy if you have sandpaper to remove those pesky marks.


But we can’t neglect the soft side of our skates – the bushings, pivot cups, toe stops, and wheels! Give them a check-up, ensuring they’re in prime condition for your next skate adventure. It’s time to unleash their full potential on the rink or street!

To make it easy, we’ve listed some household essentials that aren’t typically found at our store or local skate shops but will make your skate-care journey a breeze:

  • Acetone: The magician for bearing cleansing
  • Screwdriver: Your trusty sidekick for hardware adjustments
  • Compressed air (keyboard cleaner): Keep your skates free from dust and debris
  • Sandpaper, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Scotch Guard, etc.: The ultimate arsenal for skate cleaning, touch-ups, and color magic

By showering your skates with love and regular maintenance, you’ll glide through your skating adventures with joy and flair. Get ready to rock those wheels like a skating superstar! Let’s roll and make every skating session a blast!