What's your skating dance style?


Are you obsessed with roller skating but you’re still trying to figure out your identity? You’re in the right place. Let's find out which skating dance style suits you best! In honor of National Roller Skating Month, here are four different skating styles experiencing a pop-culture revival in 2020. 

💜 Rink Skating 🕺

If you're interested in roller skating but don’t really know where to start, this light hearted style might just be your perfect fit. Roller rinks are the backbone of roller skating and have been present in American pop-culture since the 70s. The floors are designed to maximize your skates control and are the ideal skating surface for most wheels. Oftentimes there will be themed nights featuring music from different genres and decades where attendees can dress up. This is a great way to meet like minded people and if the odds are in your favor you can get skating tips and tricks from seasoned skaters. Head to your local skating rink, grab your pair of skates and cruise onto the perfectly paved rink floor as you groove to throw back jams. This is your ticket into the community and the ideal entry level roller skating style. 

💖 Artistic Skating 💃

Technique above all. If you love the drama and elegance of classic ballet, you might be an artistic skater. For all intents and purposes, artistic roller skating is the equivalent to figure skating -  minus the cold environment, blades and ice. Romantic in nature, this style is characterized by meshing strong dance training and roller skating techniques. Therefore, this style requires a high level of technicality and athleticism while relying on muscle movement coordination to evoke emotion from the audience. There are an array of national and international championships featuring different categories, which closely align artistic roller skating to competitive dance and figure skating. If you're a trained dancer and love to perform, this is a great place to master artistry and athleticism. Artistic skating can satisfy your craving for freedom and grace.

💙 Jam Skating 📻

Jam skating at its core is a dance sub-genre. Deeply influenced by breakdancing and hip hop culture, this style emphasizes rhythm and originality above all. The b-boy style fosters high levels of competition and performance. As a community based art form, there is a significant weight placed on congregation to practice and rehearse new moves. Dance battles are regularly held and are the binding glue in the community.  Musicality plays a major role, hitting marks and choreographed movement to the rhythm of the music is essential. The more authentic to your personal skating and dancing style you can be, the more impressive your routines are. If you’re hip hop music savvy and can get down on the dance floor, this is your niche. 

💛 Freestyle Dance Skating ☀️

If you haven’t already stumbled on Ana Coto’s viral TikTok roller skating videos, where have you been this quarantine? Ever since the pandemic started, we have seen a vast increase in amateur freestyle roller skating dance. Everyone is welcomed to document their skating journey while posting videos cruising and living your best life. Roller skating influencers will record themselves freestyling, usually cruising down a street or on a tennis court. There is a strong emphasis on being outdoors, playing trendy music and expressing yourself in any way that seems fit. This is a natural progression once you have become accustomed to roller skating. If you love content creation and cruising sunny streets while dancing to your favorite songs then this is your skating style hands down. We might just catch you skating to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac after reading this.  

Do you feel inspired to pick up a pair of skates and vibe out? If you found a style that resonates with your personality, let us see your moves and don’t forget to tag us on all platforms using #c7skates. Let’s skate together with some super cute C7 Skates!