TikTok Roller Skating Inspiration

           Summer is coming to an end sadly, but what never stops is the roller skate rush. Here is a collection of little TikToks that made our day. We’re so excited to see you guys loving our skates and enjoying every single minute of your journey! 


           So elegant! @karinhorikoshi was recruited for a spontaneous photoshoot as she graced the city streets of Brooklyn! Fittingly she’s rocking the super sweet Peachy Keen Quads


           Skate Date? We think yes! @yesac3888 is strutting her stuff next to her boo (unconfirmed, but we’re pretty sure!) on a Saturday afternoon. Her favorites? The Aquamarine Quads, of course! 


           Breaking in her new Lemonpop Quad Skates! Looking totally fabulous, in head-to-toe protective gear (as you should!) and a super cute pair of bright teal Bermuda shorts. We’re loving the fit. 


           We’re obsessed! The beautiful pair of Midsummer’s Eve Quad Skates have arrived at @avaxtth doorstep! This was back in April, so we cant wait to see the progress! We need an update pronto! 


           We see you @jac.jac.jac! Another win for the Midsummer’s Eve Quads! We hope you’re loving them as much as we have loved making them. Update us ASAP! We can’t wait to see how many different styles you’re able to pull off. 


Coming to an ER near you 😅 Stay tuned for progress updates! #rollerskating #c7skates #rollerskates #IFeelWeightless #ChipsGotTalent

♬ original sound - Jacqui


           Queen Bees for the win! Wise choice @cutiewiththefoodie! We’re totally obsessed with this color combo. Our iconic yellow vibe meets the dark juxtaposition of black trim, details and laces. Can’t wait for you to try them!