Skate (S)quad Gift Guide

Skate (S)quad Gift Guide 2020 - C7skates

Skate (S)quad, we’re always looking for gear that will unite our community. If you want to spread roller-skating fun with your friends and family this season, give the gift of 8 wheels. The vibe is merry and very bright, here are some of our suggestions for skating must-haves this season.

Don’t Break The Bank

            Our Chibi Skates collection are the perfect skates for entry level skaters. These are an affordable option to get out there and cruise! There are so many perks to our original skates. The boot is soft and comfortable with a slight 1-inch heel to help with balance, great for learning skate basics. The classic white or black boot gives a clean canvas to add colorful accessories for a personalized skate style. Plus, we’ve upgraded the wheels! So, you can now skate on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Quality, Bright Designs 

  Imagine receiving a pair of the absolutely gorgeous Forget Me Not Quad Skates! Not only are they the cutest colors but they are incredibly long-lasting and with the proper care can withstand regular use on any smooth surface. The structured boot completely elevates these skates to a new level, fit for a roller-skating pro! The monochrome styles, Lemonpop, Peachy Keen and Aquamarine fully encompass C7skates distinct style and fabulous taste in color.  Don’t sleep on the contrasting floral print designs either, Blossom and Wonderland! All of our skates are extremely customizable, check out our stocking stuffer gift ideas below for details. 

(S)quad Essentials

            So maybe your Skate (S)quad is already rocking their favorite skates? Stress no more! Grab the Skates Gal T-shirt! The design is simple and sleek, featuring the C7skates logo and a graphic design on a charcoal Tee. Imagine pairing this with your favorite high rise baggy jeans or tucked into some super cute shorts! The whole (S)quad can look chic and on brand for an adorable photo sesh. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @c7skates

Stocking Stuffers

Of course, skating is the best part of owning skates but a close second is customizing them! You can give someone a simple pair of skates; with a few tweaks they are transformed into a unique style. Gift a pair of laces, stoppers or wheels to your (S)quad to help them elevate and create the most personalized skates out there! We’re very strategic with our color choices and they all complement one another, so don’t be afraid of something not pairing well together.  


Mix and match! Our laces sell out quickly because of our keen eye for color. Pick up a bright pair of laces to contrast any skates. For example, pair Lemonpop laces with our Peppermint basic skates. A color combo for the ages! 


Most of our skate models have removable toe stoppers. Simply switching these out can make skates look new - and much safer! Stoppers are super easy to replace, just screw in and out with a standard cross screwdriver. The perfect stocking stuffer in so many different colors! 


Wheels need to be replaced fairly often, especially if you're using your skates on the regular. Give some cool colored wheels and your friend’s skates will look incredibly fresh! Pastel hues are our thing, check out the Wonderland and Teal wheels.  

Have fun choosing super cool gifts for your Skate (S)quad. If your friends already own skates, gift accessories and customize away. We’ll keep it on the down low if you grab a little something for yourself! 😉