Roller Skating: Is it the Best Kind of Skating?

Yes, and as the very wise Taylor Swift once said, “Forever and Always.” We might just be a little biased, but we wholeheartedly believe in the power of 8 wheels! Here’s why: 

Total Freedom

                Skating is utter bliss. Nothing beats the feeling of strapping on your boots and laces as you prepare for a day filled with fun! There is something very liberating knowing that you can just roll anywhere you want to go. Remember when Heely sneakers were all the rage? You would trip on the concrete and get massive bruises but still skated on them time and time again! That’s the kind of liberating feeling we get when roller skating. Except C7skates are professionally made and designed to withstand the heavy use of a real roller skating fanatic! Skating on eight wheels is total freedom, nonetheless. 

Active Sport 

                Exercise but make it fashion! I don’t know about you, but when I strap on my skates, I feel like I am on top of the world (mainly because I gain quite a few inches with the wheels, lol), nothing can stop me and I am a force to be reckoned! More than anything, that instant power rush pushes you to be active and get outdoors. We all need that confidence especially given the year we have all had. Let us stay active, healthy and thriving as we cruise down the streets, having a blast! 


                Roller skating culture has a natural edge. Even if you’re wearing the adorable Peachy Keens, by the sole act of roller skating, you're engaging in years on years of counter-culture. Roller skating is punk rock. More on that next time. With that comes inclusivity regardless of gender expression, identity, socio-economic background, or race. For that reason alone, that’s something we can wholeheartedly stand behind! 

Retro Vibes

                I don’t know about you, but I am one happy person if good bops are playing. Roller skating has always had deep ties to music and dancing. When roller discos came around, they literally operated on the idea of meshing a nightclub vibe with skating. Picture this: cute outfits, rad people and fantastic music playing as you dance effortlessly through the rink with your favorite songs! Sign me up and take my money any day! That sounds better than anything in this world right now. 

Artistic Outlet

                Creative people like creative outlets. Roller skating seems to fit a wide range of creative people. Despite the trends coming and going, roller skating has maintained a significant part in the creative world. From athletes to performance artists, time and time again, we see little pieces of the roller skating style and aesthetic float back into the mainstream. Who doesn’t love a creative outlet that has wheels and an endless amount of fun opportunities?

                Roller skating is the best kind of skating. Sorry, not sorry! If you care to argue head on over to Instagram @c7skates. Give us a like while you're at it.