Music for Roller Disco ICONs

C7 Skates Blog Music Mixtape for Roller Disco ICONs
I mean, where do we even start! We’re all obsessing over the DONNA holographic quad roller skates! So here’s a little music selection for all the Roller Disco Queens (Kings, Jokers, whatever floats your boat). Let’s get into that groovy spirit: 

Hot Stuff - Kygo, Donna Summer

Donna Summer, the legend and very much our muse! We can’t even begin this music countdown without naming the one and only Queen of Disco herself, with a modern twist, of course! Kygo, we see you bringing to life the legendary disco tune, “Hot Stuff.” The video puts you in HOT spirits, featuring the on and off-screen couple from Netflix’s “Outer Banks,” Maddy Cline and Chase Stokes. They truly encompass everything we love about disco, dance and romance. The vocals remain the same (thanks to the heavens above because otherwise, that would’ve been a travesty), but Kygo added his special touch with modern electronic dance beats. This is the go-to ICON track! 

Real Groove - Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa

Kylie Minogue, the Australian Queen of Pop, teamed up with the British Pop Princess Dua Lipa for a fun-loving remix. This track off of Minogue’s 15th studio album “Disco” is perfect - literally perfect- track to get you feeling yourself on your set of eight wheels! Anything off of this record will get you in a disco mood! But, we have a special place in our hearts for Ms. Dula Peep, so this is by far one of our favorites. 

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - ABBA

Whoever hates ABBA can go home. There is no room for ABBA hate here at C7skates. Gen Z has embraced these Swedish pop icons so wholeheartedly thanks to TikTok music and dance trends. Believe it or not, there was a time when they were not as beloved but were back at it again with this ultimate pop. We definitely have Mamma Mia and their cult-like following to thank, of course! This one is for all of the single lovelies out there “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” is the perfect anthem for those lonely Covid-stricken nights. Disco, dance and nothing but good vibes, you’ll be sure to start rolling with this classic bop playing!

Time (You and I) - Khruangbin

Ok, cool kids, this is the one if you want to impress your friends with your music knowledge! Smooth, groovy and totally not mainstream, this track by the Houston-based trio is everything we need to keep cool disco vibes. The lyrics are optimistic, although the subject matter is quite dark. They sing in an awfully cheerful yet muted upbeat way, “That’s life if we had more time, we could live forever just you and I.” Just listen. You’ll know exactly what I mean. 

Skate - Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak)

Bruno Mars, making us swoon since day one. And Anderson Paak, why do you do us like that? With beautiful pitch-perfect voices, they serenade us with an instant classic roller skate track. Skate (S)quad they’re coming straight for our hearts. Together they serenade us with, “Oh, skate to me, baby (Skate). I wanna get to know ya. Come on.” So, duty calls!  Strap on your skates and cruise straight to your sweetheart - or potential sweetheart! You’ll be sure to get brownie points and get everybody in the skate groove with this song!