How Do Roller & Ice Skating Compare?

c7skates how do roller & ice skating compare for avid skaters

           We must admit, ice and roller skating go hand in hand. Although roller-skating is our thing, in these winter months, we’re happy to shed some light on our skating counterpart: ice skating! 

So how do these two types of skating compare, you may ask?

Indoor & Outdoors

           We love that skating is deep-rooted in our culture and we can enjoy rolling in our favorite quads on city streets or inside the rink. Ice skating is totally the same vibe, but with a twist! Obviously, you need ice, but you can find an abundance of outdoor skating spots scattered throughout the states for the holiday season during the winter months. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the temperatures are cold enough, you can even skate on local ponds and lakes. We’re based in sunny SoCal, so that’s something we’re totally jealous of our mid-west & east-coast friends! 

Inline & Ice Skates

           It’s safe to say that inline and ice skates are practically twins! Switch a blade for a set of wheels and you’re got yourself some rollerblades. As you transition from ice to cement or roller rink to ice rink, inlines and ice skates are practically interchangeable. The balance is pretty much the same. Each version holds its independent and exclusive perks, but in essence, the motion, technique and momentum are very closely aligned! More energy is placed into skating due to the friction of the ground. In contrast, ice more easily propels each stroke - that’s not to say it’s easier. Still, the power needed to move is alleviated with the slippery ice. 

Love of Skating!

           One thing is for sure; skating is skating no matter what. Whether you’re being artistic and floating through the air, ballet and classical dance are always present. If you’re in need of speed, hockey and roller Derbies have got you covered! There is a freedom that’s incomparable to the feeling of propelling through the air in ways unmatched by running or walking. There's a reason why people gravitate towards sports and activities that take us out of our normal day-to-to0day feelings and transport us to a new wavelength! 

           Ice skating, we love you. Suppose you’re comfortable on 8 wheels and haven’t already tried ice skating. In that case, I recommend you switch over to some blades before the winter season is over! Trust us Skate (S)quad; you won’t regret the rush!