Cute Aesthetic Roller Skating Outfit Inspo

Cute Roller Skating Aesthetic Outfit Inspiration 2021

Hey Skate (S)quad! We curated our top 5 cute roller skating outfits and aesthetic ideas so you don’t have to. Featuring some of our favorite TikTok creators that encompass the total trendy girl vibe. We’ve narrowed down the best fits, accessories, trends and makeup looks to complete a totally cool roller skating vibe. 

Cool Cargo Pants

Skinny jeans? We don’t know them! Cargo pants will continue to be all the rage in 2021. The style is characterized by the loose cut pants with various pockets designed for tough outdoor activity. Perfect for a roller skating sesh- obviously! No purse or backpack necessary since you can stuff your pockets with your airpod case and keys before running out the house. Solo roller skate date? I think yes.  

Get some super cute Cargo Pants Styling Tips from TikToker, @felkow.


Yellow Hues Forever

Do you have our Lemonpop skates? If you do, you’re a total trendsetter and if you don’t no worries! You can accessorize away with yellow pops of color. Pantone announced Illuminating, a yellow shade, as one of their 2021 colors of the year! If you’re feeling bold, go all in and put together a full blown monochrome yellow look. Trendy gal vibes always. We’ll continue to admire lemon and sunrise shades from Sunny SoCal all year long!   

A Yellow Fashion Aesthetic TikTok by @aestheticsbycourt.


Everything Oversized 

Take a little inspiration from the style queen Billie Eilish and get yourself an oversized fit. It’s simple, just throw on your favorite thrifted oversized t-shirt or sweater with oversized relaxed fit denim. The goal is to look like you’re effortlessly cool and didn’t try at all. There’s something incredibly liberating about leaving the house in something that allows you to move freely, so much so that you automatically gain a cool aura. Try it and heads will roll as you skate down the street!

A super cool Styling Oversized Tees TikTok by @karenskimball. 

Effortless, Dewy Makeup 

It’s all about the skin, show off your radiant complexion -imperfections and all- and let your natural features shine through! Of course we love a graphic liner and a pop of color on the lip, but currently the vibe is keeping a clean canvas.  A little makeup goes a long way as we now rely on routine skincare rather than cakey foundations and heavy contours to achieve an effortless glow. Less is more! 

Here’s a fabulous Dewy Skin Makeup TikTok by @iambrihall. 

Face Mask Chic 

The trendiest 2021 accessory is most definitely the face mask! As you already know, staying safe is essential; especially when you decide to leave the house. Take a moment to style your masks in a cute way. Prioritize your mental health, grab your face mask and your skates to enjoy the fresh breeze as you cruise down your neighborhood- while social distancing of course. In all honesty, we can’t wait for the end of this trend but until then Skate (S)quad, skate safely and responsibly. 

Check out this Mask Aesthetic Inspo from @madisonkieu!