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C7 Roller Skate Collection - Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

          Imagine a moment where you’re staring into the fluffy white clouds floating oh-so gracefully on the pastel blue sky. Slowly, the warm sheen of the sun gently caresses your face, and your heart is at ease. Now in a mesmerizing daze, you’re transported to the breathtaking Southern California coastline. To your left, the Pacific Ocean breeze tickles your nose, and palm trees everywhere shade your eyes from the glistening rays. You look down to the ground and guess what - you’re wearing your Forget Me Not Roller Skates! 

          Whether this is an authentic moment or a dream, these are the unforgettable memories that our Forget Me Not Collection recreates. Inspired by the color schemes surrounding Southern California scenery, sunshine rays to the ocean waves, and everything in between! Wherever you may be, remember the beautiful and laughter-filled moments experienced as you glide through the warm and salty breeze. No matter where you are, keep California dreaming in your Forget Me Not Roller Skates. Unforgettable always… 

In the Forget Me Not Collection, you will find: 
-     A Structured Retro Boot    -
-     Lightweight Aluminum Trucks    -
-     Luxurious Construction    -
-     58mm 83A Wheels    -


C7 Roller Skate Collection - Chibi


          Utter bliss is roller skating endlessly with a sweet treat in hand. It’s stuffing your cheeks with fluffy cotton candy until they’re chubby, melting into a sweet syrup - oh so yummy! Cruise into a Candyland fantasy and receive an endless supply of sun kisses and lovely candy wishes wrapped in a classic design. Choose your favorite: is it pink cotton candy, cool peppermint, or old-school licorice? Whatever your sweet tooth desires, the Chibi Collection has your flavor. 

          Let the sugar rush propel as you immerse yourself in sweet skating pleasure. It’s always a good time when you’re wearing the adorable Chibi Roller Skates in color combinations inspired by sugary treats. Think of C7skates as your favorite candy shop; there’s always an option for every taste. Just like candies, these skates are intended for all skating levels and are the perfect choice for Skate (S)quad newbies. Unwrap your heart’s sweet desire! 


In the Chibi Collection, you will find: 
-    Classic Design   -
-    A Soft Retro Boot    -
-    Lightweight Construction    -
-    54mm 82A Wheels    -