3 Awesome Lacing Techniques

3 Awesome Lacing Techniques

To our (s)quad:

We promised you some cute lacing styles in a previous blog… and oh did we deliver! We scoured the vast internet and added in some of our own creativity to come up with these 3 different lacing styles!

They shouldn’t be too tricky to follow and lace along if you watch the videos closely! If you need some new laces to make these lacing techniques pop even more, you can grab some here.

Of course, the most important thing to remember is that your safety should come first no matter what. So even if you use these lacing techniques, make sure they are fastened snugly against your foot and ankle!

So without further ado, we present…

The Finger Trap

C7 Finger Trap Lacing Techniques

Because of the tightly woven lace patterns, this technique reminded us of that pesky puzzle toy we all loved to get our fingers stuck in as kids. The reason this lace is so cute is because of how symmetrical the strings are wound. 💛

To maintain that dazzling effect, make sure you are keeping the laces flat and straight as you go through the pattern. Don’t be afraid to go back a few steps if you notice a lace turning the wrong direction — You’ll be glad you did!


The Ballerina 

C7 The Ballerina Lacing Techniques 

We were worried about this kind of lace being a little loose as you ride, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the way these laces are pulled creates a pretty tight hold around your foot and ankle!

Why the ballerina? Well, between the adorable, open lace near the top of the foot and the cute bow on top, how could we call it anything else? 🥰


The Pull Under

The Pull Under

This lace feels very close to the last lacing technique, but it does a little better of a job highlighting the design of the skates “tongue.” 😜 If you grabbed yourself a pair of Blossoms or Wonderlands, this is a great chance to show off that super unique design that only you have!

We named it the pull under because, well, you have two pull both laces under one another to get this lacing technique to work. 😅

If you try one of these lacing techniques, snap a pic and tag us in it or use the #C7InAction so you can be featured in one of our posts!  

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