Mintia DIY Quad Skates

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Size chart
The Skate Size is in US Men’s Standard Size. 
The fit will vary based on preference.
Original Items
● Matcha Green Shade
● Structured Retro Boot
● 58mm 83A Wheels
● ABEC-5 Carbon Steel Bearings
● Aluminum Trucks
● Plush Interior Fabric
● Removable Toe Stops

Bonus Items
● Additional pair of Pretty Peach Poppy Field Charms, 3x2.16in Size
● Additional 80” Sky Blue Roller Skate Laces
● Additional 2 Packs of Four (4): Powder Blue 62 mm x 34 mm 83A Wheels
● Additional Pack of Two (2): Aqua Roller Skate Stoppers
● Additional T-tool (Green)

Need a little energy? The Matcha Quad Skates from the Forget Me Not collection are everything! The structured retro boot is made with vegan leather in a gorgeous matcha green shade with a comfy, plush interior. Constructed with lightweight aluminum trucks and ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings on monochrome 58mm 83A wheels for a smooth roll. These are your new unforgettable bes-TEAs! But that's not all – along with the original skates, you'll get additional of wonders! From the Sky Blue shoelaces, a dash of Poppy Field Charms, Aqua stoppers, Powder Blue wheels, and a green T-tool. Enhance your skating journey with this spring breeze combo that is destined to be unforgettable!

Elevate Your Skating Experience:
Sky Blue Laces: Add Sky Blue flair to your skates! Our official C7 laces are your canvas for stylish lacing patterns. Crafted with durable TETORON™ polyester.
Pretty Peach Poppy Field Charms: Infuse magic with these beautiful Poppy Field Charms.
Aqua Roller Skate Stoppers: Command your cruise with Aqua toe stops, stylish and reliable for Premium C7skates.
Powder Blue Roller Skate Wheels: Embrace outdoor skating with Powder Blue roller skate wheels. A mesmerizing design meets stability and control.

Blend of Style and Comfort Awaits:
Unveil the perfect blend of style, comfort, and customization with the Matcha Quad Skates and enchanting add-ons. Elevate your skating adventure with an ultimate touch.

Note: Bearings not included with Powder Blue roller skate wheels.

Based in Sunny SoCal

Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates
Mintia DIY Quad Skates

Skate on

Smooth Surfaces

Cruise endlessly on smooth indoor or outdoor surfaces with your favorite pair of C7skates! Hit your local roller rink, concrete paths at the beach or your local tennis courts with super cute quad skates for all levels!


Retro Boot

A modern twist on the classic roller skate aesthetic made with plush interior fabric for the utmost comfort. The vegan-leather boot is sturdy with PVC to provide extra ankle support while you skate.

Indoor & Outdoor


Our skate wheels measure 58 x 33mm, perfect for any smooth surface. The 83A durometer is the ideal balance between soft and hard, giving you great grip, speed and control. These wheels absorb the shock without compromising lightning speed.


Base Plate & Trucks

Stay cool, calm and collected with the perfect amount of control while skating. ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings and lightweight aluminum trucks provide precision, efficiency & speed.


Brake Stoppers

Rule #1, learn how to stop. The removable toe stoppers measure 47x35mm and are made with durable polyurethane for durability and grip. Just screw them on and off for a custom look.

Stoppers Collection

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