Top Roller-Skating Videos of the 2010s

So, you thought you could escape the 2010s already? In honor of the current nostalgia kick here are our top choices for influential roller-skating music videos of the last decade. Get a little inspiration from the cool kids who loved roller skating before its revival! These are impossible to rank, so in no particular order:

“Blow” - Beyoncé

Queen B has set the standard. The iconic Blow music video directed by Hype Williams was filmed at a local roller-skating rink Beyoncé frequented growing up in Houston, Texas. The energy is lively, flirty and fun with Beyoncé flaunting her moves as she cruises through the roller-skating rink in an appropriately chosen Wonder Woman baseball Tee. Beyoncé can truly do no wrong!

“Take It or Leave It” - Cage the Elephant  

Peak Tumblr era! Cage the Elephant teamed up with Nick Murphy to produce a ‘70s static VHS tape aesthetic. They enlisted unnamed “figure-skating world champions” to dance alongside the down tempo funk track. They staged a roller disco heaven with a light show displayed behind the band and alongside the dancers as they parade their killer moves. Everything we needed and then some. I’ll take it!   

“Gold” - Chet Faker  

It was a cultural reset. Truly. Chet Faker triggered a nerve we did not expect with an unforgettable video for his hit single “Gold.” The video is directed by Hiro Murai and choreographed by Ryan Heffington. Faker is never featured in the video but rather the smooth moves of roller skating trail blazers Appleusa McGlynn, April Corley and Candice Heiden. The image of a dark night juxtapositioned with bright lit yellow road lines as Heiden heads toward the camera is forever imprinted in pop culture memories for years to come. If you’ve been sleeping on this one, you’re welcome. 

“Rush” - Kali Uchis 

Baby Kali! The Rush music video by Kali Uchis left an impressionable impact on teens everywhere. The heavily stylized concept fully encompasses Uchis’s signature cool girl style with a retro twist aesthetic. This selection doesn’t feature roller skating as much as the other videos listed. Regardless, this video has made a significant impact on the roller-skating fashion and triggered a skating revival amongst Gen Z. We love a good Kali moment. 

“The Heat” - Jungle 

If you’re a true roller-skating fanatic, this video merits the hype! The Heat music video by the English modern soul collective known as Jungle is that essential groovy mid 2010s jam. The video solely features the incredible dance skills of Icky and Silence from High Rollaz UK Skate Crew, a London based freestyle, street & jam skating team. Once again, the skating is so incredible the band doesn’t even bother to compete for the limelight, choosing to refrain from starring in the video. We’re obsessed with this one!